Eclipse & Year-round Camping

Indian Blanket Ranch is a Nature Reserve, with wildlife & nature trails. We enjoy sharing Nature & our Dark Sky with others!
(Rated Bortle 3 on Dark Sky Scale)

Join us for these 2 spectacular Solar Events, Our ranch is along the Centerline, X marks the spot for both!
These are very rare events & we feel blessed to experience them both!!

Included in Eclipse Rates:

Eclipse Viewing Area, Eclipse Souvenir Wristbands,
Solar glasses for # in group, Eclipse/Night Sky Talks,
Star Parties, Storytelling/Music, Hike/Bike/Bird/Nature Trails to Explore,
Visit Nature Center on property,
Musician Pickers Circle (bring instrument to join in)

• Bring chairs for Lectures, Storytelling, Music & Star Parties.
• Lights out during Star Parties; Flashlight & lanterns need red shield/cover.
• Outside lights must be red light bulbs only!

Eclipse Viewing area & events are not open to the public, Only our family/volunteers, lodging & camping guests will be on ranch Eclipse Day!


Indian Blanket Ranch Primitive Camping:

Only Fully Self-contained Vans, RV, Campers & Tents.
   * Bring Quiet Gas Generators or Solar Generators for Power
   * Bring All Water, Food & Drinks
   * Bring Portable Toilet Containers
   * No Campfires (Fire Hazard)
   * Propane Grills/Griddles Allowed (Use Caution)
   * Take Your Trash when you leave

Campsites are for up to; 1 RV & 1 tent, or 1 Van & 1 tent, or 4 Tents
  • 35ft & under only
  • Maximum 6 people per site.
  • Children 5 years & under Free (don't add them to guest count)
  • 3 Vehicles per campsite.
  • Each Campsite is Allowed 1 non-barking, non-aggressive dog, must always be on leash. 
  • No Fee for Dog, But Tell us if bringing a dog!

Normal Camping Rates;
   $60 per campsite for up to 4 people, extra guests $20 each, per night.
   Maximum 6 people per campsite.
   3 cars per campsite.


Was an Awesome Experience!!
Campers really enjoyed the wide-open spaces for viewing the Eclipse & nature hiking trails! They plan to be here again for the Total Solar Eclipse in April 2024!!






April 8, 2024 Totality on Indian Blanket Ranch is 4 min 26.3 seconds.
We are only 1 second off centerline. Centerline is 4 min 26.4 seconds.
From first to last contact is about 2 hours 40 min.

Eclipse Michael (Aisner) has witnessed 14 Total Eclipses in 11 Countries! Michael & crew will camp on Indian Blanket Ranch. His Eclipse Lecture is 7pm on Sunday April 7th. They will help with Star Parties at Night too!






April 8, 2024 requires full payment when reserved. 3 night minimum
Up to 4 people $100 per night Per Campsite;
$20 each extra person per night, maximum 6 people
*No lodging tax for camping.

*Refunds Only If it Rains So Much That You Can't Drive into the Pasture Camping Area!


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Some photos around Indian Blanket Ranch

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