Indian Blanket Ranch - Waterless Toilets

We Save Water By Using Two Kinds of Eco-Friendly Waterless Toilets at our Nature Center!

Loveable Loo Humanure Compost Toilet

Indian Blanket Ranch Indian Blanket Ranch
Covering with layer of Sawdust keeps it from smelling

Indian Blanket Ranch
Our Compost Bins

Dump Humanure in Compost Bin & Cover with Hay
No Need to Turn Compost, Just keep Layering it
Let Compost Sit in Bin 1 Year for Flower Gardens & 2 Years for Veggie Gardens

Indian Blanket Ranch Indian Blanket Ranch
Thermometer in Hay Covered Humanure ( left ) , Extra Hay Bin ( right )

Watch this Awesome Video about's Humanure Sanitation work in Haiti, September 2011:

PDF Paper about's work with humanure sanitation in Haiti:

Incinolet Eco-Friendly Electric Toilet

Indian Blanket Ranch Indian Blanket Ranch
Use toilet, Press pedal with foot, Liner & human waste falls into burn pan,
Put new paper liner in bowl, Close lid & Press Button,
Element Heats & Burns Everything to Ashes.

No Water Wasted!!